Customized Customer Data Platform Solutions

In today's data-driven world, understanding and leveraging customer data is crucial for success across industries. Advaana Inc. offers cutting-edge Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions that centralize and unify data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of your customers. Our CDP solutions empower your organization to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer engagement, and drive operational excellence.

  • Centralized Data Integration
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights
  • Personalization and Engagement
  • Security and Compliance
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • First Party Data Tracking

Implement first-party data tracking to gather accurate and consented data directly from your customers. Improve data quality and gain deeper insights into customer behaviors and preferences.

Seamlessly integrate data from CRM, marketing platforms, e-commerce sites, and more into a single, unified view. This comprehensive approach enables a 360-degree understanding of your customers.

Leverage the power of Google Cloud Platform for scalable, secure, and efficient data management and analytics. Enhance your CDP capabilities with Google's robust cloud infrastructure.

Access real-time analytics, predictive modeling, and customer segmentation to gain actionable insights. Our solutions help you forecast customer behavior, optimize marketing strategies, and improve decision-making.

Use detailed customer insights to create tailored marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and customer interactions. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with personalized experiences across all touchpoints.

Ensure your customer data is protected with robust security measures and compliance with industry regulations. Our solutions prioritize data privacy and security to safeguard your information.

Bringing the best Google Practices To You.


Discovery & Strategy

We begin by understanding your business objectives and challenges. Our team collaborates with you to develop a customized strategy that leverages the full capabilities of the Customer Data Platform.



Leveraging our expertise, we ensure a seamless implementation process, from initial setup to integration with your existing systems. Our focus is on setting up a robust and scalable marketing infrastructure.



Post-implementation, we provide continuous support and optimization to ensure you reap the maximum benefits from the Customer Data Platform. We help you refine your strategies and improve your marketing performance.



We offer comprehensive training to your team, empowering them to effectively utilize the Customer Data Platform tools and maximize their potential.

Google Marekting Platform Overview


Customer Data Platform For Shopify and Ecommerce Stores

A single platform that integrates your customer, advertising and analytics data so you can act on customer insights faster.

  • Unified Customer Profiles

    Create single, unified profiles for each customer by merging data from multiple touchpoints.

  • Tailored Marketing Campaigns

    Design personalized marketing campaigns and product recommendations based on detailed customer insights.

  • Instant Data Activation

    Activate data in real-time for immediate use in marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    Leverage the power of Google Cloud Platform for scalable and secure data management and analytics.

Why Choose Advaana Inc.?

At Advaana Inc., we take pride in our impeccable track record of implementing Customer Data Platform solutions for enterprise clients. Our certified specialists possess extensive expertise in GMP, ensuring seamless end-to-end service delivery.

We develop robust strategies to effectively implement, manage, store, share, and optimize data, whether structured or unstructured. Customer Data Platform is designed to transform user and customer experiences on a large scale. By thoroughly understanding and analyzing our clients’ unique needs and challenges, we deliver tailored, impactful solutions for every project.


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