Best for growing Shopify Stores


Our Solution

Subscription-Based Services

Pricing Model

One-time setup fee

Monthly fees based on sales, traffic, or usage


Highly customized to specific needs

Limited customization options

Data Accuracy

Enhanced accuracy through server-side collection

Potentially affected by browser cookie restrictions


Built for privacy compliance (GDPR, CCPA)

May require additional configurations


Seamless with Shopify and other platforms

Varies, sometimes limited


Comprehensive setup and maintenance support

Basic to premium, often at additional cost


Cost-effective for growth, no extra fees

Costs can escalate with business growth

Overall Value

Long-term savings and precision

Initially affordable, potentially costly long-term

Uncertain about where to begin? We provide a complimentary Audit of your eCommerce store’s Conversion Tracking, along with a discovery call to equip you with all the necessary information.

“I’m super impressed with how Advaana has implemented conversion Tracking on our DTC Shopify Store for all our Paid channels.” – Kira Wilson

“Since partnering with Advaana, our agency has undergone a transformative shift in the way we handle & interpret data.” – Eric Hoch