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Enhancing your Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Platform deployments is now seamless! As your reliable implementation partner, we offer the expert talent and advanced technology crucial for broadening your agency’s analytics and personalization services. The highlight? You can delegate projects of any size related to Adobe’s suite without the hassle of enlarging your team or handling additional daily operations.

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We Fulfill All Your Adobe Analytics & AEP Needs

Opting for a trusted partner and implementation partner for Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Platform services is a considerable choice. Thus, we provide flexible and scalable services, expertly designed for Adobe’s comprehensive suite, to support both short-term endeavors and long-term alliances. It’s a thorough solution for all your Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Platform needs. What’s not to cherish?

Let us manage all your Adobe implementations with ease!

Who We Help

We assist a diverse array of clients, ensuring their Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe Experience Platform initiatives are not only launched but thrive. Our expertise particularly benefits:

  1. Digital Agencies: Seeking to enhance their analytics and personalization offerings without the overhead of expanding their in-house team.
  2. Marketing Teams: Looking to leverage deep insights and personalized customer experiences but require specialized knowledge to maximize Adobe’s tools.
  3. E-commerce Platforms: Aiming to optimize their conversion tracking and improve customer journey analytics through advanced segmentation and targeting.
  4. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies: Looking to provide personalized patient experiences and engagement strategies, all while navigating the complexities of healthcare compliance.

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Adobe Analytics Services We Offer

Whether it’s implementing Adobe Analytics or crafting AEP configurations, we can meet all your analytics and tagging needs. Our experts provide a perfect blend of creativity and technical mastery in Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)& Customer Journey Analytics (CJA).

We can help you with:

Data Strategy and Architecture Consulting

Develop a robust data strategy and architecture that leverages AEP’s capabilities to unify and manage data across all customer touchpoints. This service includes assessing current data practices, designing a scalable data model, and ensuring seamless data flow and governance for actionable insights.

Adobe Experience Platform Implementation

Custom implementation of AEP to integrate disparate data sources, including CRM systems, web analytics, point of sale (POS), and IoT devices. This service aims to create a unified customer profile (Real-time Customer Profile) that is accessible across the Adobe suite for real-time personalization and analysis.

Customer Journey Analytics Setup and Analysis

Configuration of Customer Journey Analytics to map and visualize the customer journey across channels and devices. This service involves creating data connections within AEP to feed into CJA, enabling advanced analysis of cross-channel customer behavior, conversion paths, and friction points.

Advanced Segmentation and Audience Management

Utilizing AEP for deep segmentation and audience management, leveraging AI and machine learning to identify high-value segments and predict future behaviors. This service helps in crafting targeted marketing strategies and personalizing experiences at scale.

Predictive Analytics and Insights

Developing predictive models within AEP to forecast trends, customer behaviors, and potential outcomes. This includes predictive scoring, churn analysis, and recommendation models to inform proactive engagement strategies.

Real-Time Data Activation and Personalization

Leveraging AEP’s Event-Based Triggers and Adobe Target for real-time data activation. This service focuses on triggering personalized experiences or marketing actions based on real-time customer behaviors and data insights.

Data Governance and Compliance

Ensuring data within AEP is managed in compliance with global privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA). This includes setting up data governance frameworks, consent management, and data lineage tracking to maintain trust and transparency.

Training, Enablement, and Support

Offering comprehensive training programs and ongoing support for AEP and CJA. This service ensures that teams are fully equipped to leverage these platforms for continuous insights and optimization.

What We Can Help You With

Advaana is dedicated to fostering a team of specialists proficient in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) and Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), each bringing a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience. Our skilled professionals excel at converting your specific analytics and data integration needs into streamlined, effective solutions.

Our technical expertise encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Data Strategy and Architecture Consulting
  • Customer Journey Analytics Setup and Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics and Insights
  • Data Governance and Compliance
  • Adobe Experience Platform Implementation
  • Advanced Segmentation and Audience Management
  • Real-Time Data Activation and Personalization
  • Training, Enablement, and Support